Goyzman Lilia

Lilia My name is Lilia Goyzman.
I was born in Kursk, Russia.
Now I live in Haifa, Israel.
Since 1999, I have been working as a freelance graphic designer.
As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawing and painting.
I started graphic designing specifically in 1994.
Since 1999, I have been working at it, in Russia and Israel.
In 2007, I graduated from the Graphics and Design Department, of the Israel WIZO Academy.
Since then, I have been designing and developing: trademarks, corporation identities, advertisement leaflets, billboards, souvenirs, labels, logos, etc.,
ordered by industrial and commercial enterprises in Russia and Israel.
Some of the trademarks and labels, that I have created, are protected as Registered Trademarks.

Interview with me by Malka Korets